Friday, 1 July 2011

買你 Is your sorrow ON SALE? (2)

缺少了简单, 不懂得如何快乐生活。

欸, 可不可以买你的不快乐?

朋友说‘买你‘这首歌,歌曲不是很好听, 没有为他带来太多好感。红不起来。

我想是我词不达意, 没有吧这歌的重点点到。


我喜欢的是这首歌歌词的意境, 简单的想法, 简单的处理方式。  在你的朋友人生当中, 遇到挫折或不顺遂时, 与其像以往的我一直为他分析, 解释, 大道理贴大道理的望他耳朵塞, 这些他都不需要, 不如看着他不快乐, 不问为什么, 只轻轻要求“欸, 可不可以买你的不快乐?“。如果还不够, 抱一下就好。

可能这就是长大了的代价, 面子的代价, 再也找不回的简单童言童语。 不太合理, 但却很窝心。

hey, is your sorrow on sale?

my fren said "buy yours" this song is not nice, nothing in it that will make it popular.

probably, i did not do my job well, i did not highlight the unique of this song and why i recommend it.

i listen to it more properly today again, still finding it unique and why i'm so touched.

i like the way the lyric was written, a very simple way of presentation, simple solution to complexity in life. Whenever we have a fren who is down for any reason, rather than trying to explain, interrogate, forcing our theory into his brain where i used to do (these might not be what he expected anyway), why not we just tap on his shoulder and say, "hey fren, let me hug away your pain?" more warmth hugs if he wants more. Too much of talking would not make things better anyway.

this is the price we paid for being a grown-up, leaving the simple, childish thinking behind our back. Although a lot of times it sounds silly and yet we are drawn so near to each other.

野草不除,花儿不生。 悲伤不诛, 快乐不增。
快乐似雪花, 轻盈地空中飞舞, 只要时间对了。


  1. 不是要来个China town美食特写吗?是不是昨天喝酒喝到kong kong 了?

  2. 香辣烧鱼+啤酒=新式香辣啤酒鱼吗?

  3. 还有那个喝没到半杯就醉酒的没用鬼~哈哈